Quality Accreditation

A total commitment to quality makes a strong statement of dedication and passion to excel. It’s the foundation that enables us to effectively support our customers with a proven range of aerospace components. Blending our history, experience, capabilities and lean culture, you create solutions in the form of quality, on-time aviation components and assemblies.

Texstars has quality accreditations and the positive attitude to fully support the aerospace and transportation markets.

Quality Certifications:

  • AS9100C
  • Nadcap – Composites
  • ISO 9001

Quality control equipment includes:

  • Mitutoyo Model F1106 CMM: Size 40″ x 26″ x 20″ with accuracy certified to .0005″
  • FARO Silver Series CMM arms: 50″ reach capability unobstructed with accuracy to .005″
  • Laser tracker: FARO Laser Tracker X / 230′ range / up to .001″ accuracy
  • Various optical measuring systems and devices
  • Photographic equipment and grid boards for optical inspection
  • Optical micrometer
  • Precision measuring lab-surface plates and standards
  • Automated azimuth/elevation multi-position (UDRI) angular deviation measuring machine
  • Various hand measuring tools/equipment/gauges, etc.
  • Full R&D lab

Engineering & CAD Capabilities

ISO 9001
NADCAP – compositesThe following is a list of CAD/CAM software, hardware, and file translation capabilities at Texstars, LLC.
Workstations running on the Windows 7 operating system, scanner, plotters, and printers.
Catia V5 R20
FiberSim 2009
Inventor 2010 / Mechanical Desktop 2009 / AutoCAD 2010 – drafting & surfaces models.
Surfcam Velocity 5.1 – a 3-D surface modeling program that outputs cutter paths to NC code files to our
CNC mills, lathes, waterjets and 5-axis routers.
Scan2Cad v6 – to scan mylars or prints up to 36″ wide by 8′ long into CAD drawings.
Rhinoceros 3.0
FARO Cam2 – CMM software
File Formats:
AutoCad format (*.DWG) Catia V5 (*.model or *.CATPART) Pro/ENGINEER Files (*.PRT) are the
preferred method for file exchanges we are on the subscription program and always have the latest
release. Translated models should be in STEP, Parasolid or IGES format.

We can convert the following formats:

  • CATIA 4 files (*.model, *.exp)
  • STEP files (*.STEP)
  • Parasolid files (*.X_T, *.X_B)
  • IGES files (*.IGS)
  • ACIS-format PAR files (*.PAR)
  • ACIS-format SAT files (*.SAT)
  • SurfCam DSN files (*.SCPRT, *.DSN)
  • Solidworks part files (*.PRT, *.SLDPRT, *.SLDASM)
  • Unigraphics UGII files (*.PRT)
  • Data Exchange Format DXF Files (*.DXF)
  • ASCII lines, points, or surfaces in XYZ data files (*.asc, *.txt)
  • Stereo Lithography Files (*.STL)
  • Numerical Control NCC Files (*.ncc)
  • Others2D File Formats: We work with scanned drawing formats including Adobe PDF, Raster (TIFF, JPG, BMP), Metafiles WMF, CGM, CALS, HPGL and others.

Tooling Capabilities

Our in-house tooling capabilities are very convenient for us and our customers. We can control costs and schedules for the fabrication of new tooling. If tool modifications are needed, Texstars offers complete in-house tooling design and fabrication capabilities. Maintenance and tool repair can also be conveniently controlled in-house.
Digital file translation and multiple software format capabilities can be used and depending on production requirements and objectives, composite or metallic tooling can be utilized. This in-house capability allows Texstars to better serve our valued customers.

Complete Tooling Department Capabilities

  • Design metallic or composite tooling
  • Build metallic or composite tooling
  • Digital file translation and multiple software format capabilities
  • Modification of metallic or composite tooling
  • Repair/maintenance of metallic or composite tooling