Our windshields, windscreens, canopies, and cabin windows have flown on countless aircraft since the 1960s. Our ability to laminate, form, assemble and coat high optical transparent products is world-class.
In addition to these products, Texstars has developed an extensive list of proprietary coating systems designed to meet multiple customer requirements. These products have been cultivated through years of research and development and are of the highest quality. Examples include scratch- and abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant, transparent metallic, and signature management coatings. In addition to off-the-shelf coating products, we are able to work directly with our customers to develop a solution for your specialized needs.

  • Canopies
  • Windscreens
  • Windshields
  • Bird-resistant rotorcraft windshields
  • Cabin windows
  • Wingtip lenses
  • Center windows
  • Shipboard displays/lenses
  • Chin bubbles
  • Skylights
  • Transparent armor
  • Scratch- and abrasion-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Nano-technology insertions
  • Weathering
  • Low observable (Stealth)
  • Electrically heated de-ice & de-fog
  • Laser protection
  • EMI/RFI/IR shielding
  • Solar heat reduction
  • De-fog (that requires no power)
  • Aero Precision
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Bay Plastics
  • Bell Helicopter
  • CPI Aero
  • Ducommun Aerostructures
  • Government of Israel
  • Hindustan Aeronautics
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Raytheon Company
  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Temeku Technologies
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army Missile Command
  • U.S. Government
  • And many others

Bird-resistant helicopter windshields

Military jet fighter transparencies have long had bird- resistance requirements and Texstars has provided them. Birds in flight strike both military and civil aircraft on a daily basis and Texstars has taken the initiative and has the experience to produce bird-resistant windshield solutions for rotorcraft.
Texstars offers that extra protection factor for pilots, passengers and helicopters themselves. Researchers have suggested a 2.2-lb bird, impacting at 160 mph at altitude, to be a benchmark resistance, and Texstars can supply either monolithic or laminated windshields to provide this safety factor. Our bird-resistant windshields include our proven hard-coating systems as a finished product.
Helicopter manufacturers can request Texstars expertise for the design of bird-resistant windshields to the same contours for existing helicopter production programs. Customers could then decide to select this additional level of safety.

F-16 transparencies/TEX-WHIZ polish/canopy dry seals

Still one of the premier products of Texstars, the F-16 canopy has set the industry standard for product excellence and contributed to the company’s superior reputation in the worldwide defense community.
Texstars F-16 transparencies are designed to meet or exceed all operator performance requirements. Superior cross-section designs provide the increased bird-strike protection associated with Texstars transparencies that can withstand impact up to a 4-lb (1.8 kg) bird at 550 knots. Our sophisticated coating systems provide optimum light transmission profiles and environmental durability.
These high-quality F-16 transparencies are manufactured at our AS9100C-accredited Texas facility. Precision tooling and manufacturing techniques ensure that Texstars transparencies are fully interchangeable.

5004550-09 F16ACFIE550 F-16 A/C FWD ITO/ESD 550Kt 1560-01-462-2040WF
5004550-11 F16ACFC550 F-16 A/C FWD CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-462-4551WF
5002237-03 F16ACAC F-16 A/C AFT CLEAR 1560-01-113-9483WF
5003139-03 F16ACAI F-16 A/C AFT ITO SOLAR 1560-01-359-2902WF
5006550-01 F16BDFC550 F-16 B/D FWD CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-497-6599WF
5006550-03 F16BDFIE550 F-16 B/D FWD ITO/ESD 550Kt 1560-01-497-5956WF
5004270-01 F16BDAC550 F-16 B/D AFT CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-497-5959WF
5004270-03 F16BDAI550 F-16 B/D AFT ITO 550Kt 1560-01-497-5078WF

For international F-16 business, Texstars teams with our exclusive worldwide distributor, Aero Precision Industries. We provide technical support directly from Texas in support of our valued customers.


Texstars produces TEX-WHIZ, a liquid polish especially designed for thermoplastic aircraft transparencies. TEX-WHIZ is widely used globally and by the U.S. military and exclusively on the F-16 program. TEX-WHIZ significantly improves hazy surfaces, cleans bug debris, water spots, light scratching and restores luster to transparency surfaces. Regular use of this compound also improves water repellency and anti-static properties. (NSN: 7930-01-581-8537 & 7930-01-581-9933)

F-16 canopy dry seals

Texstars has patented its Dry Seal Pressure Seal system replaces an outdated and costly wet seal method to mount F-16 canopies. The old system was a wet, labor-intense and expensive chore for ground crews that required valuable time to cure before an aircraft was cleared to fly.
Our innovative Dry Seal system is installed between the canopy frame and transparency to establish an airtight seal very cleanly and quickly, saving time and money, clearing pilots for immediate take-off. Our system increases aircraft readiness, allows lower life-cycle cost and eliminates the need for wet sealant between the frame and transparency.
The Fairing Seal is installed atop the aluminum canopy fairing, and provides a seal against rain and water. Manufactured from special conductive material, it also provides a secondary channel for the dissipation of electrostatic charge when used in conjunction with Texstars’ ESD-coated transparencies.

A/C Fwd Pressure Seal 5003825-10 5330-01-351-2120WF
A/C Aft Pressure Seal 5003826-01 5330-01-351-2121WF
B/D Fwd Pressure Seal 5003827-10 5330-01-351-2122WF
B/D Aft Pressure Seal 5003828-10 5330-01-351-2123WF
A/C Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-03 5330-01-353-7225WF
B/D Fwd Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-07 5330-NC-E50-1084WF
B/D Aft Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-09 5330-NC-E50-1085WF
Conductive Fairing Seal Roll (50 ft.) 5003864-01 5330-01-353-7224WF
A/B Fwd Nose Cover 5004176-30 1560-01-437-5665WF
C/D Fwd Nose Cover 5004176-10 1560-01-420-9453WF

Forward Nose Cover

The Forward Nose Cover protects the nose of the canopy transparency and the forward ends of the fairing seals. By resisting aerodynamic forces, the Forward Nose Cover prevents potential damage to the leading edge of the transparency coating as well as the Fairing Seals.
U.S. Patent No. 5,277,384 (Quick Seal System); U.S. Patent No. Des. 341,122 (Pressure Seal); U.S. Patent No. Des. 344,489 (Fairing Seal)

Tex-Stretch® Stretched Acrylic

Texstars built and certified one of the most advanced stretched acrylic manufacturing systems in the world. Unique among stretched acrylic manufacturers, this equipment allows Texstars to stretch three different standard sheet sizes and up to 3.3″ thick billets.
Furthermore, the computer-driven stretching system allows precise control of key processing variables in order to maximize Tex-Stretch® performance properties. This material is listed on the official U.S. government qualified products list for use in the manufacture of high-quality transparencies for aircraft.


• Aircraft windshields
• Lenses
• Side panels
• Cabin windows
• Canopies
• Windscreens
• Mass-transit railcar transparencies

Product Finishing and Quality

Tex-Stretch® sheet meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-PRF-25690. Texstars uses sophisticated grinding and polishing equipment to achieve superior surface flatness, finish quality, and optical properties. Tex-Stretch® is available in both standard (Type 1) and improved moisture-resistance grades (Type 2).

Standard Sheet Sizes

Tex-Stretch® is produced in standard sheet sizes of 67″ x 67″, 87″ x 87″ and 105″ x 105″ inches.
Texstars will cut standard sheet sizes down to customer-specified blank sizes at no extra charge.

Typical Tex-Stretch® Properties

Billet Thickness Up to 3.3″
Finished Sheet 0.060 to 1.1″
Sheet Sizes Up to 108″ x 108″
K-Factor 3038
Tensile Strength 10800 psi
Shrinkback @ 110 C 2.67%
Shrinkback @ 145 C 42.84%
Light Transmission 92.6%
Haze 0.8%

Transparent armor

Texstars’ core competency of laminating transparent sheet materials for aerospace applications transfers perfectly in the ability to compete in the production of transparent armor.
Our ability to produce high-optical laminated windows serving the military armored ground vehicle market has led to the shipment of over 80,000 transparent armor windows in the recent past. The purpose of this product line translates directly to the safety of our troops and it has continued to do just that in the Iraqi and Afghan wars with zero failures on the battlefield.
Texstars can design protective cross-section solutions to defeat multiple threat levels while providing excellent thermal efficiency, specific all-ply protection and enhanced all-weather performance. The objective to mitigate your specific threat is critical, and Texstars can provide the margin of safety necessary in today’s battlefield.
More specifically, Texstars’ advanced lightweight transparent armor solutions are tailored with a safety factor for multi-hit ballistic and blast threats (IED) and can defeat various levels of ATPD 2352T, STANAG 4569, NATO and NIJ specifications. From small-arms fire to .50-cal and frag, our windshields, vision blocks and vehicle door windows are laminated and delivered on-time with value-added frame hardware and next-higher assemblies.
Texstars is positioned to take advantage of new transparent materials as they emerge. Stronger lightweight material technologies will allow us to continue to offer superior quality with excellent customer service and exemplary program support.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Electromagnetic (EMI) shielding
  • Superior aerospace-grade optics
  • High-visibility light transmission
  • Night-vision compatibility
  • RFI attenuation
  • Laser-absorbing coating
  • Superior UV resistance
  • De-icing & de-fogging
  • Rain & fungus resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Tested & certified
  • Proven service life performance

By laminating glass and polycarbonate with proprietary interlayers and protective abrasion-resistant coatings, Texstars yields lightweight transparent armor that has excellent light transmission, minimal haze and extended environmental and UV-resistant durability.
Texstars established our aerospace reputation in laminating transparent materials with superior optics. This expertise has been brought down to earth to support the armored military vehicle market.

Transparent Armor Platforms

  • A-1 Abrams tank
  • Bradley fighting vehicle
  • Stryker mobile gun system
  • MRAP
  • LAV-AD
  • M113
  • MTRV
  • LSV
  • Paladin
  • M88

Transparent Armor Gun Shields (TAGS)

In 2004, Texstars initiated an effort to design, build and supply ballistic turret surrounds for multiple military armored vehicle platforms. These Transparent Armor Gun Shields or more commonly called TAGS were installed to provide ballistic protection from small arms fire for the gunners of these vehicles.
The role of Texstars was to laminate transparent armor and mount into armored metallic frames. Within weeks of their introduction they were put to the test and U.S. troops were successfully protected from active enemy fire.
This concept has set a new safety standard for military ground vehicles. This life-saving feature is now incorporated in the production of virtually all new armored vehicles.