Texstars Forward Nose Cover

Transparency Dry Seals

Texstars’ patented dry seal pressure seal system replaces an outdated and costly wet seal method of mounting canopies. The old, wet system was labor-intensive and expensive, and required a cure period before an aircraft was cleared to fly.

Our innovative dry seal system is installed between the canopy frame and transparency to establish an airtight seal very cleanly and quickly, saving time and money, and clearing pilots for immediate take-off. Our system increases aircraft readiness, allows lower life-cycle cost and eliminates the need for wet sealant between the frame and transparency.

The fairing seal is installed atop the aluminum canopy fairing, and provides a seal against rain and water. Manufactured from special conductive material, it also provides a secondary channel for the dissipation of electrostatic charge when used in conjunction with Texstars’ ESD-coated transparencies.

For a list of canopy dry seal part numbers, please visit our F-16 products page.

Forward Nose Cover

The forward nose cover protects the nose of the canopy transparency and the forward ends of the fairing seals. By resisting aerodynamic forces, the forward nose cover prevents potential damage to the leading edge of the transparency coating as well as the fairing seals.

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