F-16 Transparencies & Products

One of the premier products of Texstars, the F-16 canopy, has set the industry standard for product excellence and contributed to the company’s superior reputation in the worldwide defense community.

For international F-16 business, Texstars teams with our exclusive worldwide distributor, Aero Precision Industries. We provide technical support directly from Texas in support of our valued customers.


Texstars F-16 transparencies are designed to meet or exceed all operator performance requirements. Superior cross-section designs provide the increased bird-strike protection associated with Texstars transparencies that can withstand impact up to a 4-lb (1.8 kg) bird at 550 knots. Our sophisticated coating systems provide optimum light transmission profiles and environmental durability.

These high-quality F-16 transparencies are manufactured at our AS9100D-accredited Texas facility. Precision tooling and manufacturing techniques ensure that Texstars transparencies are fully interchangeable.

5004550-09 F16ACFIE550 F-16 A/C FWD ITO/ESD 550Kt 1560-01-462-2040WF
5004550-11 F16ACFC550 F-16 A/C FWD CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-462-4551WF
5002237-03 F16ACAC F-16 A/C AFT CLEAR 1560-01-113-9483WF
5003139-03 F16ACAI F-16 A/C AFT ITO SOLAR 1560-01-359-2902WF
5006550-01 F16BDFC550 F-16 B/D FWD CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-497-6599WF
5006550-03 F16BDFIE550 F-16 B/D FWD ITO/ESD 550Kt 1560-01-497-5956WF
5004270-01 F16BDAC550 F-16 B/D AFT CLEAR 550Kt 1560-01-497-5959WF
5004270-03 F16BDAI550 F-16 B/D AFT ITO 550Kt 1560-01-497-5078WF

TEX-WHIZ & P-P-560 Polish

TEX-WHIZ® liquid polish, especially designed for thermoplastic aircraft transparencies, is widely used globally and by the U.S. military and is exclusively used on the F-16 program. TEX-WHIZ significantly improves hazy surfaces, cleans bug debris, water spots, light scratching and restores luster to transparency surfaces. Regular use of this compound also improves water repellency and anti-static properties. (See our TEX-WHIZ page for NSNs and PNs.)

Canopy dry seals

Our patented dry seal pressure system replaces an outdated and costly wet seal method to mount F-16 canopies. The old system was a wet, labor-intense and expensive chore for ground crews that required valuable time to cure before an aircraft was cleared to fly.

Our dry seal system is installed between the canopy frame and transparency, to establish an airtight seal very cleanly and quickly, saving time and money. Our system increases aircraft readiness, allows lower life-cycle cost and eliminates the need for wet sealant between the frame and transparency.

The fairing seal is installed atop the aluminum canopy fairing, and protects against rain and water. Manufactured from special conductive material, it also provides a secondary channel for the dissipation of electrostatic charge when used in conjunction with Texstars’ ESD-coated transparencies.

A/C Fwd Pressure Seal 5003825-10 5330-01-351-2120WF
A/C Aft Pressure Seal 5003826-01 5330-01-351-2121WF
B/D Fwd Pressure Seal 5003827-10 5330-01-351-2122WF
B/D Aft Pressure Seal 5003828-10 5330-01-351-2123WF
A/C Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-03 5330-01-353-7225WF
B/D Fwd Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-07 5330-NC-E50-1084WF
B/D Aft Conductive Fairing Seal 5003864-09 5330-NC-E50-1085WF
Conductive Fairing Seal Roll (50 ft.) 5003864-01 5330-01-353-7224WF
A/B Fwd Nose Cover 5004176-30 1560-01-437-5665WF
C/D Fwd Nose Cover 5004176-10 1560-01-420-9453WF