Quality Accreditation

Our total commitment to quality is the foundation that enables us to effectively support our customers with a proven range of aerospace components. Blending our history, experience, capabilities and lean culture, we create solutions in the form of quality, on-time aviation components and assemblies.

Quality Certifications:


Quality control equipment

  • Mitutoyo Model F1106 CMM: 40″ x 26″ x 20″ with accuracy certified to .0005″
  • FARO Silver Series CMM arms: 50″ reach capability unobstructed, with accuracy to .005″
  • FARO Laser Tracker X: 230′ range / up to .001″ accuracy
  • Various optical measuring systems and devices
  • Photographic equipment and grid boards for optical inspection
  • Optical micrometer
  • Precision measuring lab-surface plates and standards
  • Automated azimuth/elevation multi-position (UDRI) angular deviation measuring machine
  • Various hand measuring tools/equipment/gauges, etc.

Texstars AS9100C Certification