Tex-Stretch Acrylic Manufacturing

Texstars built and certified one of the most advanced stretched-acrylic manufacturing systems in the world. This proprietary equipment allows Texstars to stretch three different standard sheet sizes and up to 3.5″ thick billets. The computer-driven stretching system allows precise control of key processing variables in order to maximize Tex-Stretch® performance properties. This material is listed on the official U.S. government qualified products list for use in the manufacture of high-quality transparencies for aircraft.

Product Finishing and Quality

Tex-Stretch sheet meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-PRF-25690. Our sophisticated grinding and polishing equipment achieves superior surface flatness, finish quality, and optical properties. Tex-Stretch is available in both standard (Type 1) and improved moisture-resistance grades (Type 2).

Standard Sheet Sizes

Tex-Stretch is produced in standard sheet sizes of 67″ x 67″,  87″ x 87″ and 105″ x 105″ inches. Texstars will cut standard sheet sizes down to customer-specified blank sizes at no extra charge.

Typical Tex-Stretch Capabilities

Billet Thickness Up to 3.5″
Finished Sheet 0.060 to 1.1″
Sheet Sizes Up to 108″ x 108″
Tensile Strength 10800 psi